Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arriving In Viet Nam - 07/10/10

After twenty hours on planes and a layover in LA and Seoul, we landed in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Hillary (my friend and fellow SLP) and I got off the plane and I thought it was kind of warm in the airport. I thought they should turn up the air conditioning. We went through customs and found our baggage. We had to meet Paige, the director of the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss, as well as a few members from our team from other parts of the U.S.

We proceeded to the area where people were waiting for their families. The heat and humidity hit like a ton of bricks and I thought we were still inside because of the way the glass walls were angled behind me and the overhang of the ceiling. Again I thought, I can't believe they don't have air conditioning in this area at all! Then we stepped into the street and I realized, crap, we are outside. It's 11 pm, how can it be this hot!

We found our group and 30 seconds later the power went out in the area. The entire airport went dark. Everyone let out a surprised scream! Not really sure what we would have done if we were in the airport going through customs and getting our luggage off the carrier if that happened just a few minutes earlier.

We drove (I'll discuss driving later) for 45 minutes to the Din Ky hotel/resort and settled in for the night. So did a little lizard. I put my things away and closed up all the zippers on my luggage and bags so he didn't try to come home with me.

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