Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Din Ky Hotel

The hotel is called Din Ky and it is dinky. Our group fills up almost all the rooms! I think that when a couple more people arrive our group will fill the entire hotel! Actually, it is a "resort" and the grounds are not dinky at all. The rooms are very nice and they have all the amenities, including a hair dryer! (Thanks Paige!) We have a huge pool, a large open air restaurant area, restaurant and hotel boats, gift shop, playground, , hammock area, fish market and... what I would call a zoo. There is an alligator pond, fish holding tanks, bird area. I heard a rooster crowing but I haven't seen it yet. Well, we opened the 50 page menu for lunch and found some of our little friends on it (including the alligator). It makes you appreciate more where your food comes from and the animals that give their life so that you can eat.

The weather really is not that bad. Of course it is hot and humid, but nothing like when we walked out of the airport. We played in the refreshing pool for a bit. It seems the Din Ky is a community gathering place. The pool and other things are open to the public for a fee. The restaurant attracted many people during lunch and I think some westerners even came by boat from another hotel. Although everything is new to us, clearly we are the spectacle here. All the children are staring at us and saying "Hello", "What's your name?", "Thank you." This is all the English they know and they were so excited to use it!

This picture is the view of the river from the restaurant where I've eaten many meals. The river rolls by and it gives the sensation that you are moving. Sometimes the restaurant does move a little bit as well! For some more pics check out There are four Din Ky hotels so not all the pics apply because it seems like ours is a little dinkier than the others. But you can get a feel for it.

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