Thursday, July 15, 2010

Market in Thuan An - 7/11/10

We got to the market, and let's just say that I never got used to the smell. There were people and motorbikes everywhere. Does anyone walk? Seemed like we were the strange ones in the way for walking through the narrow streets of the market.

Lots of different fruits I have never seen before: dragonfruit, mangosteen, lychee and some others that I can't remember the name. The only reason I know them now is because I'm days behind on this blog and the ladies from the school that have been cooking for us treated us to a different fruit every day. They show us how to cut it and eat it.

Everything is for sale: fish, meat, fruits, veggies, pets, live animals, clothes, an old can of Raid. (I was all for skipping the area with the meat which thankfully we did.) Nothing fancy, just the items of daily living. We ended up going to a "grocery store". A few of us stayed outside waiting for the others, I thought we were going to cause an accident on the street. Everyone was staring at us, even the toddlers would let go with one hand and point at us while riding on the motorbikes with their parents!

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