Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss Team

Our group with the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss is a mixture of deaf educators/AVTs, speech-language pathologists/AVTs, and audiologists from across the U.S. The states represented here include the following: Illinois (me), Maryland, Washington, Utah, California, and Missouri. The professionals are staying here anywhere from one to four weeks. I found out about this trip from my friend and former student, Hillary. She is an SLP/AVT now. We have been travelling together for most of the trip. I’m so thankful to have a travel buddy and hopefully I’m not driving her crazy yet. My friend Janet (a teacher of the hearing impaired) will also be coming in another week and a half. We will get to spend the last week together and do some sightseeing in Saigon our last day before the three of us all get on the same plane. I also know another teacher/principal, Mary, who will be here in a few days from St. Joseph’s in St. Louis. It has been fun meeting new people and watching different people do presentations. It always gives me new ideas for mine. I totally steal ideas! (Sorry ladies!) Everyone is so great I’m sure they won’t mind. Terra, one of the other SLPs here, is a lot like me. We have been presenting together to the teachers this week and she says what I would say before I even get a chance to say it. Judy, the other SLP on our team, speaks Vietnamese. I think we all owe her a day at the spa when she is done with this trip. I can’t imagine how many times she has heard in the past week and a half, “Judy, could you tell them…., Judy, how do you say…., Judy can you ask….”. She has been such a good sport and great help to us. We have some really great experts here!!

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